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Pride of INSA UK


INSA congratulates Dr. Kamaljit Singh (INSA Imperial) for his publication on smart ventilation and drainage systems in termite nests ( His research was highlighted in several media outlets like New York Times ( ), Le Monde ( ), De Volkskrant ( ) and others. Additionally, Dr. Kamaljit’s paper on Capillary dominated fluid displacement in porous media was published in the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics ( )
Anupriya Gupta (INSA Imperial) has won Queen's Patron Fund award for spreading friendship in the Commonwealth. Additionally, Anupriya's paper on the economic impact of transport investment was published by the Journal of Applied Statistics.
Varun Kamboj’s paper on Ferromagnetism was published by Nature magazine. ( ). Varun is an INSA member from Cambridge University.


INSA congratulates Ranjeet Rathore (INSA BRUNEL) for being elected as President for the Student Union at Brunel University. This will be his 2nd term. He will lead Brunel's Union for the Academic year of 2019-20. 
INSA also congratulates Akash Mehta, the youngest and first from Asia and the Pacific to become the Company Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science
Harshit Agrawal (INSA Imperial) was selected as a member of the Young Leaders Class of 2019 in the Society for the Mining Metallurgy & Exploration, USA


Playing as a Right forward for the hockey team of the University of Greenwich, Gayatri Rode (INSA Greenwich) made valuable contributions with consistent performance and goals which helped her team win British university college and sports league. Sitting Rightmost. 


Meenakshi from INSA LSE was at the forefront of reporting on COVID-19. 

“COVID-19 will Test India’s Preparedness to Tackle Health Emergency". Link: 

"Tardy Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: World Health Organization is Begging for Reforms". Link:


" Leadership Accountability For COVID-19 And the Reasons for WHO’s Apathy". Link:

" Health security must get the attention it deserves in India’s response to Covid19".Link:


 " African nations are precariously positioned to fight Covid-19. What can they learn from Kerala?".Link:

Kalpit Mankikar from INSA LSE continues to write about his ongoing research on China.

" 'Year Of The Rat' Throws A Curveball At China's Communist Party Leadership. Link:".

If you are an INSA Member and have a publication or an award to showcase,
please email us ASAP. 
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