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Mr. Anirudh Sawhney


I’m a Law, commerce and finance graduate with upper 2:1 and distinction, respectively.
In my undergrad student life, I was grateful to have represented the voice international student, Indian students and student from ethnic minority groups as international student’s officer and BAME officer.
As a member of the management board and academic board of the students’ union, I tried to mould the policies internally.
I have been successful in getting passed, the Anti-Racism bill through the student council (one of its kind in UK at that time).
As President of the QUB Unicef society, me and my team conducted charitable events, awareness session and meetings with other likeminded groups.

Now, I’m pursuing LPC LLM at ULaw, London and will try to grow INSA on my campus.

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Mr. Anirudh Sawhney
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