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Mr. Prateek Tripathi


Prateek is a PhD Researcher at Imperial College London and he was awarded the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Scholarship for pursuing his PhD. Ranking 1st overall in the MSc in Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design with distinction, he received the MSc Outstanding Achievement prize in 2018. He received his first degree from Delhi Technological University where he graduated with a First Class with Distinction in his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and received a Research Excellence Award. It is important to note that Prateek brings with him a unique experience from Qualcomm where he worked as a mixed-signal design engineer for 2.5 years. He was awarded 2 Qualstar awards for his outstanding contributions at Qualcomm. He also has a patent on a ‘Noise Shaping Analog to Digital Converter’ from his work at Qualcomm. He is currently working on leveraging the power of Edge AI in the field of molecular diagnostics as part of his PhD.

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Mr. Prateek Tripathi
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