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Mr. Vasikar Sathiyamoorthy


Hello everyone, I'm Vasikar and I pursue my BSc management at the University of Warwick. I hail from Rameshwaram a small town in the southernmost part of India. In my career, I'm interested in building influential, powerful and reputable Organisations, manage operations and solve problems.

Growing up in a entrepreneurial family, I realise the power that an Organisation possesses and how Human Resources can efficiently be managed in building and expanding a collective Organisation as a team.

I'm a big time follower of Indian politics and I love reading books on how empires have been built. I'm the founder of Indian National Students association at the University of Warwick- a platform to promote the wellbeing of Indian students and to provide them with networking opportunities.

Looking forward to connect with you, below is my email id

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Mr. Vasikar Sathiyamoorthy
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