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Student Contacts

INSA has thousands of members and is present in several universities.


Please search for INSA in your university's Student Union portal and chances are that INSA or its affiliate might be present. ​If you don't have an INSA or INSA Affiliate in your university, you can contact us on ways you can establish one in your university. 

Present, National Office bearers of INSA UK are: 

Student Affairs (Head): Ranjeet Singh Rathore

Corporate Relations: Kishore Dattu

Academic Relations: Anupriya Gupta

Media Relations: Vatsal Shah

Creative Inchargee: Siddhesh Durne

Student Inchargee (Policy): Kunal Joshi 

Student Inchargee (Engineering): Ritvik Shyam 

Student Inchargee (Medicine): Shagun 

Student Inchargee (Business): Upal Sherashiya 

If you wish to contact us on how to open an INSA in your university or if you are leading any Student Association in your university and would like to collaborate with us, please contact us: 

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